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Windhorse is Touching Lives

What some of the participants have to say about our M.E.E.T. The Mustangs Experiences and The Sacred Path of the Windhorse Warrior Adventures.

I liked the pace that allowed the humans and the horses to ease into interacting with each other. The respect and love for these horses is really apparent and I really felt what a blessing this program is for the people and the horses. Such a sensitive, respectful environment that feels safe and loving. Wonderful energy here. Wonderful! ~ C.S. from New York City
Besides the birth of my son, this has been the most powerful experience of my life! ~ J.M. from Illinois

I really appreciate having a chance to get over my fear and literally embrace the ‘mustang mystique’! ~ S.A. from Washington, D.C.
Trust can bridge anything! ~ B.B. from Maine
It helped me to realize I needed to get out of my head and into my heart. ~ C.M. from New York
This was a golden opportunity to learn about the mustangs. Being able to be so close and exchange energy with such magnificent animals will be an experience to treasure. I hope to become more involved with these horses and others. My knowledge has increased considerably. Marcia and Mary Lee are very effective teachers. ~ P.R. from Utah
Unbelievable how easily horses can be understood. Loved the way you can read them to understand how to connect with them. ~ C.M. from Ohio
I suspect that if our society at large were aware of these principles (willing relationships with horses), we would be a calmer, more peaceful group of people.  We would be more able to communicate and cooperate in a non-threatening manner. ~ F.G. from Maryland
Something in me changed that day with the Mustangs, something very special occurred. From that time forward, a new level of trust has been opened in me and I felt that somehow through those amazing creatures I had crossed a bridge towards a healing place where the world isn’t so cruel and where unconditional love and acceptance can come in many different forms including a herd of Mustangs. ~ S.G. from Florida
WOW! Pure and simple…very powerful and moving.  Thank you. ~ C.M. from Canada
I cannot even describe the feelings of joy, peace and accomplishment. It was an opportunity of a lifetime – a beautiful experience I will always carry with me. I feel more confident. ~ K.T. from Lousianna
Through interaction with horses, we can learn respect, communication and trust.  Thank you, this was a unique experience. ~ J.P. from Washington
Interacting with the Mustangs opened my heart for the first time in two years, following the loss of my husband and dad. It has helped me to redefine my identity and has changed the direction of my life from one of insignificance to one of meaningfulness. ~ P.R. from Connecticut
The experience of “hooking on” between a human being and a horse can teach us so much about ourselves, about our relationships with others, and about the essence of a healing dialogue…. P. G. from California
I learned that horses are like people in that you cannot require too much of them, too fast. People and horses must be approached with patience and understanding. ~K.P. from Pennsylvania
Being a good leader takes a lot of patience. You may not see the results in the time frame that you anticipated, but have to realize its not about you.
This experience has helped me learn how to adjust to someone’s personality and perceptions.
Learning the approach is the message. It is important for the horse to feel safe. I need to be more aware of my approach with people when I am trying to lead someone so they feel safe.
This is the best therapy for my PTSD that I ever had.
Even though we have been working with mustangs, I am learning things that will help with relationships with people in my everyday life.
I have recovered feelings and understandings about myself as a child with the horses that I never thought would happen. This is the best. I wish every veteran could have this opportunity.
The horse class helped me overcome a frustrating time I was having…I thank you and all of the horses for helping me see things in a different way.  Life is not just about me…If you want results fast, sometimes you have to slow down. I learned that you can’t push a horse or people to do what you want. Why should a 1000 pound horse trust me? … I need to gain trust by being in control of myself. I cannot be unpredictable. I need to have faith that the horse will want to be with me once I gain his trust through soft love.

Slow is fast. Baby steps. Teach through soft love. People can work together without being mean. You don’t need total control. Learned trust, dealing with stress in life. The horse is a living spirit, teaches a form of bonding with a friend in unconditional brotherhood. Get things done in a gentle way.