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Volunteer Opportunities

Windhorse Relations has a variety of volunteer opportunities available, including:

  • Research grant opportunities
  • Fundraising
  • Event Planning
  • Presentations
  • Promotions
  • Writing Articles

If you would like to volunteer at Kayenta Korrals:

Following a 3week/2hour apprenticeship program, you will be eligible to participate as a Windhorse Relations™ volunteer.  You will have the unique opportunity to experience:

  • Authentic non-verbal communication
  • Turning fear into curiosity
  • Creating willing relationships
  • Setting boundaries
  • Developing self-empowerment/leadership skills
  • Working the edge – discovering resiliency

General Duties will include:

  • Mucking small pens/stalls
  • Cleaning the larger paddocks with tractor
  • Watering and feeding horses
  • Grooming horses
  • Assisting with maintenance/clean-up projects
  • Leading horses
  • Plant/water/fertilize/prune trees
  • Assisting at programs and events
  • Assisting with gentling horses
  • Removing tumbleweeds

Other volunteer options include:

  • Articles for the Kayenta Connection newsletter
  • Deliver promotional rack cards
  • Being an ambassador for Windhorse Relations™

Thank you for your interest! We look forward to having you be a part of the Windhorse Team!