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Where Heart Meets Horse Adventure

Hickory can tell the best jokes

Hickory can tell the best jokes

M.E.E.T. The Mustangs, (Mustang Educational Experiential Teachings) “Where Heart Meets Horse” Adventure.

In this two-hour adventure, participants come to understand the horse’s perspective toward humans and learn to observe the horse’s nonverbal language. A critical component of this training is to create a safe space for the horse and the participant. During this process, the horse is never restrained and always has the freedom to flee if uncomfortable.

Most participants have little or no prior experience with horses. In fact, many participants arrive with a fear of horses then learn to overcome their fear. Fear, stress, anxiety, trauma, depression and anger are replaced with peace, strength and emotional balance. This transformation occurs within the horse as well as the participant.  This is our introductory experience.

The cost is a $100 donation to benefit the Windhorse Herd.  Reservations are required. Call (801) 557.1257 or reservations can be made through Red Mountain Spa or Green Valley Spa. If you plan to vacation in Southern Utah, you will find a vast selection of healthy living activities, dining, spa and outdoor adventure activities at these wonderful resorts.  Lodging is also available at the Crescent Moon, in Kayenta Village.

Mustang dust

Mustang dust

During this two-hour program you will:                

  • Feel the power of the running herd
  • Observe herd communication and leadership
  • Learn how to direct and drive a horse nonverbally through the use of your personal energy
  • Learn how to approach and offer the “pony handshake”
  • Learn how to become a leader and have the horse “hook on” to you
  • Be introduced to the Windhorse Method of Creating willing Relationships by “Working the Edge.”
  • Working the Edge” transforms fear into curiosity and builds resiliency.
  • Learn how to develop willing relationships with self and others.
  • Hug the biggest heart you will ever now!
A Good Feeling

A Good Feeling

Participants return year after year because the horses are always presenting new dimensions to their personalities and the teachings continue to deepen.

“M.E.E.T. goes beyond words, becomes a meditation, in the moment, communicating with the language of the heart.”
– Mary Lee Brighton